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Here you can find all the options for making the most out of your Discover Movement classes and your own movement journey.

Discover Movement membership equipment package
Member price $80 (+ shipping, if requested) includes:
  • RAD Block
  • RAD Roller (original)
  • RAD Rounds 3-pack (balls of varying sizes)
  • Yoga mat
Individual equipment also available


Please NOTE: Prices DO NOT include shipping. Local customers may pick up orders at our office in Conway. NH. We can arrange shipping within the continental U.S. at an additional charge, determined by weight and size. 

Product availability is subject to change.

Please feel free to contact us at 603-447-3112 with any questions prior to placing your order. 

Discover Movement Equipment

Yoga Mat

5mm thick designer yoga mat; pink & blue swirl; 24in x 68in


RAD Rod Mini

Ultra portable massage tool for rolling tight muscles


RAD Rounds

3 balls of varying sizes; Great starting pack! Best for hands, jaws, feet


RAD Roller

2 medium sized balls connected at center; Available in Soft or Original density; For general use


RAD Centre

Soft inflatable, ball. Comes with pump. Great for back, belly and IT band.


RAD Neuro

Nubby textured ball. Comes apart and has a RAD micro round in the center


RAD Recovery Rounds

2 medium sized balls; Best suited for neck, back & feet


RAD Block

Foam block; Suitable for providing support during yoga and self-myofascial release; 8″ long x 6″ wide x 4″ high



Includes RAD Block, Rounds and Roller original; Block serves as handy storage for Rounds & Roller 



Flexible, nubby rubber half dome; Great for performing self-myofascial release on the feet!


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