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Pelvic Floor Course

When you gotta go… does it become so urgent you can barely get to the bathroom quick enough? 

Do you worry about coughing or sneezing in public?

Are you always conscious of where the restroom is “just in case”?

If you’ve tried other “pelvic floor strengthening” techniques with limited success, you’re not alone.  Problem is, most of the problem comes from reflexive muscles – it’s more neurological than physical. You need the right exercises to trigger these reflexes. 

This course will help you stregthen your Pelvic Floor by targeting the reflexive muscles and improving the brain / body connection.

Self-Myofascial Release for the Rotator Cuff

This series will give you an introduction to a powerful tool for addressing tightness and pain in the shoulders, particularly in the area of the rotator cuff.

Self-myofascial release is a gentle, yet effective technique that you can do in your own home with limited equipment to target the muscles, connective tissues and the layer of fascia that surrounds them.

This technique will help hydrate and release the tightness in the tissue, which can alleviate pain and increase range of motion. 

Health Coaching Sessions 

Our mission is to empower you to achieve your greatest state of well being.

Health Coaching sessions will help you identify your goals, take action and stay accountable.

Coaching visits can be done in person or remotely via phone or Zoom.

Make time for self-care and sign up today!

Smoothie Course & Crockpot Cooking Bundle

Learn all the secrets to making delicious, nutritious smoothies.
Start with the basic concepts, learn about phytonutrients, and create variety with spices, seeds and whole foods.

There’s even a bonus video on water kefir

Dr. Trish also shares her tips for creating super simple, yummy, nutrient-packed recipes in the crockpot.

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