Discover Health Movement Membership – ONLINE subscription

From: $24.97 / month

Membership includes 30-days of online access to classes from the comfort of your own home. Join us LIVE on ZOOM to interact with instructors or watch the recordings at your convenience. Weekly classes include:
   -  Self-Myofascial Release (Tuesdays) with Lisa Buerk
   -  Movement for Longevity (Wednesdays) with Jim Chaput
   -  Discover Yoga (Fridays) with Lisa Buerk
Beginners are always welcome in all classes. Our instructors are very skilled at modifying for your needs.

Enhance your mobility, build strength and improve balance to move with confidence and ease!


This is an incredible value!  You would pay over $175 per month to attend all these classes in person.

Learn more about all our classes here and meet our instructors below:

Click the play button to sample each class

Self-myofascial Release with Lisa Buerk

Myofascial release is therapy for gently manipulating the soft tissues of the muscles and fascia to treat pain and immobility. Benefits include increased joint range of motion, increased flexibility, relief from pain caused by restricted movement and scar tissue, and increased activity of the parasympathetic nervous system.

Release, Relax, Renew & Recover with Self-Myofascial Release! 

Discover Yoga with Lisa Buerk

This introductory, therapeutic yoga class begins with breathwork and a gentle warm-up before moving into demonstration, basic terminology, and slowly-paced sequences for safe alignment and practice of foundational poses. Class may also include a brief guided meditation. No experience necessary, modifications are offered and explained.

Discover the amazing health benefits of yoga!

Movement for Longevity with Jim Chaput
This class will help you master practical movements, like getting down to the floor and back up, with ease. Class starts with an easy warm-up then progresses through drills to help you find the right level of challenge for your body and brain to improve your strength, balance, posture and proprioception (your sense of your body in space).

Learn the drills that work for you so that you can move with confidence! 

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