Movement for Longevity Class (4-pack) – 6 Months Access


These 4 introductory Movement for Longevity classes will help you build strength and improve your balance so that you can move with confidence and ease!



Movement for Longevity Class (4-pack) includes 6 months access to the following videos:

Introduction from Jim Chaput, AMN Master Practitioner and Movement for Longevity instructor
4 full length (approximately 1 hr) class videos:
  • Class Video 1: Hip Figure 8s, 1-leg Compass Drill & Pelvic Floor Lunges
  • Class Video 2: Foot mobilization, Vision Drills, 27 Squats and Lunges for Mobility
  • Class Video 3: Foot Tilts, Getting Down to the Floor, Lunges for Stability
  • Class Video 4: Walking with Eyes Closed, Shoulder Figure 8s, Pushups and Lunges for Strength
Conclusion from Jim Chaput


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