Discover Health educational programs and products are not a substitute for direct, individual medical advice. I accept that I am responsible for my own safety and for understanding my own limitations when implementing online classes or programs. I will ask for clarification or modifications, where needed, including abstaining from movements that are beyond my capabilities or personal comfort level.

If participating in online programs or classes, I willingly accept responsibility for any injuries that could occur during or as a result of participation. I will not hold any of the instructors nor Discover Health Functional Medicine Center liable in any way should I incur an injury or impairment as a result of participating in online live or recorded classes or programs.

Live online classes or programs will be recorded. Members will have access to the recordings. By participating in these classes or programs, I am willing to allow photographs, video, or audiotapes of myself or likeness be made and distributed for marketing, communication or educational purposes. It is understood and agreed that if I do not want any video of myself to be included at any time, it is my responsibility to turn my video camera off during class.

I hereby release Dr. Trish Murray, Discover Health Movement Membership and Discover Health Functional Medicine Center from any monetary obligation or claim of future compensation and forever discharge either from any and all manner of action, suits, agreements, promises, damages, claims and demands whatsoever, in law or in equity.

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